About us

30 years of French expertise
in textile, leather, luggage
and upholstery.

TAIR's protection solutions are based on skills developed
over 30 years in the fields of textile, leather and innovative materials.

We are renowned French experts in designing and manufacturing covers, cases, sheaths and screen protectors. These products optimize the use of electronic devices of all kinds (radios, smartphones, tablets, pos terminals, pagers, etc.). Fabrics, leather, silicone and TPU are among our favorite materials.

We combine our high-performance industrial resources with highly qualified teams, both in production and design. Technique and expertise allow us to attain French excellence in the products we create, and to ensure our offer is regularly updated.

Our philosophy is to listen, guide and satisfy customer expectations by delivering personally tailored solutions.


TAIR proudly represents 100% French design. Most of our production is made in our French factory. We also work in close collaboration with a foreign partner for bulk production.

A wide variety of customers

TAIR plays an important role in the daily life of professionals. We are pleased to protect and facilitate the use of electronic devices in a large variety of sectors, in France and abroad :

  • Defense: the military, fire brigade, the French ministry of Home Affairs
  • Health sector
  • Industry
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Aeronautics: Airbus
  • Retail: via Ingenico, Logic Instrument and computer equipment resellers
  • Culture: museums, art lending libraries


TAIR has undertaken a strategic partnership with SECUROTEC, a company specialized in designing and manufacturing textile structures to protect people and equipment.

With headquarters on the same site, TAIR and SECUROTEC share the same level of standards. Both companies collaborate in design as well as through their respective industrial equipment in sewing and high frequency welding.

This allows us to meet higher customer demand (waterproof covers, etc.).