TAIR strives to optimize comfort and efficiency for every customer.

To protect electronic equipment is a means.
Bringing comfort and safety to everyday life is our goal.

Striving for excellence

Testing techniques, creating new ones, working with cutting-edge textiles as well as leather, TPU, and silicone, is what our teams do at TAIR to meet the challenge of protecting and transporting electronic materials.

Mixing materials, assembling, optimizing.

TAIR’s tailor-made protections are designed first and foremost for the customers’ needs in their daily professional lives, in all sectors.

The diversity of our work and our unwavering dedication to innovation enrich our profession guided by the focus on customer’s comfort.

Expertise in tailor-made products

The common solution provided by all our projects encompasses protecting, carrying, transporting and using electronic devices.

The common solution is adapted to various uses, depending on the work environment, equipment or the way of moving. These details drive us at TAIR, where we develop tailor-made protection solutions, in response to needs identified with great precision.

Machinery matching our ambitions

TAIR’s factory is equipped with machinery dedicated to creating and manufacturing innovative and varied solutions: cutting presses, flat bed sewing machines, cylinder sewing machines, edging machines, sewing robots, etc.

Our staff’s manual skills combined with these machines allow us to meet the quality requirements of our customers.

Standards, certifications and suppliers selection: assets to meet quality standards

Our work methods guarantee the reliability and the safety of our tailor-made protections. 

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    The materials we use are constantly updated to comply with the European Union’s REACH regulation which aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.

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    TAIR favors local material suppliers in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our activity. We value our suppliers as true partners of our business project.

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    TAIR has developed an industrial production line totally dedicated to the ATEX standard for its protections used in explosive atmospheres.